New Maintenance Version 15.03 Published

The brand new QGIS Enterprise Release 15.03 is published. Please have a look at the change log for an overview about the improvements.


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Slides FOSS4G 2017

Saturday 19 August 2017 03:58 |

Reporting back from FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, which started with the usual QGIS plugin programming...

FOSSGIS 2017 in Passau

Wednesday 08 March 2017 09:19 |

In zwei Wochen beginnt die alljährliche deutschsprachige FOSSGIS Konferenz zum Theme Open Source...

AutoForm Plugin for QGIS

Friday 10 February 2017 08:01 |

The AutoForm plugin for QGIS automatically sets the edit widget type for the fields of a selected...

Mobile data collection with GeoPaparazzi and QGIS

Friday 23 December 2016 13:00 |

Geopaparazzi 5.1.2 is a mobile app for Android which allows the user to quickly collect information...

Manually initializing the pycloudsigma module

Tuesday 22 November 2016 14:11 |

How to manually initialize the pycloudsigma module - possibly from libcloud data.

Wtmp growing fast under systemd

Saturday 14 May 2016 18:45 |

Why wtmp filled the disk and how that was fixed.

Verarbeitung von Interlis-Daten mit QGIS

Tuesday 22 March 2016 18:17 |

In der Schweiz werden amtliche Geodatenmodelle vorwiegend mit Interlis erstellt und häufig wird das...

Publish Image Tooltips with QGIS Cloud

Wednesday 18 November 2015 17:00 |

A lot of people are using QGIS Cloud as a service with ready to use QGIS webclient. It's very easy...

Presentations at FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul

Friday 18 September 2015 13:58 |

Slides from our presentations at FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul: Keynote: The QGIS project and its...

Meet Sourcepole at FOSS4G Seoul and INTERGEO Stuttgart

Thursday 20 August 2015 13:35 |

In four weeks, the FOSS4G Conference will start in Seoul, South Korea. Online registration is open...