QGIS Version 3.4.11 LTR released

QGIS Version 3.4.11 LTR has been released. Download:


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Open Source GIS activities

  • QGIS committer: 3D Globe, OpenLayers plugin, Mapserver plugin (Plugins)
  • GDAL/OGR committer: Maintainer Interlis driver, multi-schema support for Postgis driver
  • Mapfish committer: Ruby server implementation
  • Code contributions to UMN Mapserver, TinyOWS and other OSGeo software
  • Creator of the first OSS GIS Live CD (GIS-Knoppix) and several FOSSGIS projects
  • OSGeo-Live contributions (QGIS Server, TinyOWS, osgEarth and QGIS additions) and UbuntuGIS packaging
  • Presenter and co-organzier at numerous conferences (FOSS4G, FOSSGIS, QGIS User conferences)
  • OSGeo Charter member


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