New Maintenance Version 15.03 Published

The brand new QGIS Enterprise Release 15.03 is published. Please have a look at the change log for an overview about the improvements.


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Sandro Mani

Sandro Mani received his degree in computational sciences and engineering from ETH Zürich in 2012. Starting from 2011, he has worked on a number of projects in the GIS field, focusing in particular on 3D geospatial visualization and analysis. In early 2014 he joined Sourcepole, his main responsibility being C++ and Python based development of QGIS core and plugin functionality.

Sandro Mani has been engaged in the open source scene for a number of years, and is a package maintainer for the Fedora project.

GIS Activities

  • Tool to simulate and visualize the cellular antenna radiation exposure in 3D (C++/Qt/OpenGL)
  • Tool for automatic cleanup of 3D building geometries (CityGML, Java)
  • Performance and memory optimization of geospatial analysis operations (Python, C, C++)
  • QGIS development (C++, Python)


Sourcepole AG

Sandro Mani
Dipl. Inf. Ing. ETH
Software Engineer
Weberstrasse 5
CH-8004 Zurich
+41 44 440 77 11
+41 44 515 67 73