Pirmin Kalberer

Shortly after graduating from ETH Zurich, Pirmin Kalberer first came into contact with Linux in his work as a software engineer and project manager in the field of plant automation.

He has remained true to this operating system, which has meanwhile been used billions of times, and was able to turn his love of open source software into a profession when he founded Sourcepole together with Tomas Pospisek in 2000.

After a short time he found an interesting field of activity with powerful open source software in the field of geoinformatics. The WebGIS area was initially the focus and was later supplemented by the desktop-GIS area with the entry of Marco Hugentobler, the technical manager of the QGIS project.

The focus of his work at Sourcepole is management, project management, software architecture and development.

Open Source GIS Aktivitäten

  • QGIS committer: 3D Globe, OpenLayers plugin, Mapserver plugin (Plugins)
  • GDAL/OGR committer: Maintainer Interlis driver, multi-schema support for Postgis driver
  • Mapfish committer: Ruby server implementation
  • Code contributions to UMN Mapserver, TinyOWS and other OSGeo software
  • Creator of the first OSS GIS Live CD (GIS-Knoppix) and several FOSSGIS projects
  • OSGeo-Live contributions (QGIS Server, TinyOWS, osgEarth and QGIS additions) and UbuntuGIS packaging
  • Presenter and co-organzier at numerous conferences (FOSS4G, FOSSGIS, QGIS User conferences)
  • OSGeo Charter member