Spatial Data Infrastructure - SDI

Central to our customers solutions are design and implementation of open, service-oriented and durable spatial data infrastructures, based on the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

With our broad experience in the realization of even complex projects, we help our customers with:

Project preparation and situation analysis

Project preparation and situation analysis are the nuts and bolts of project management. The success of a project depends crucially on how well prepared, designed and initiated it is. With modern methods successfully used in many projects, we will successfully lead you to your goal.


The SDI is usually built on PostgreSQL, the professional object-relational database, extended by PostGIS with geographical objects and functions. Alternatively, we also offer Oracle and MSSQL as database systems.


The service layer combines the data and information with the client. For this purpose, the standard OGC Web services are used. This gives the customer the guarantee of an open, extensible and durable SDI.

Application modules

Client-tailored application modules based on the QGIS suite form the interface to end-users on the desktop.

Web-based GIS and and application module systems based on MapFish, OpenLayers and Ruby on Rails make you mobile and system-independent.