Tomáš Pospíšek

After graduating, Tomáš Pospíšek worked self-employed in various software projects until 1995, when he co-founded and built up the internet provider SPIN. At SPIN, he was responsible for the technology and was the leader of a small engineering team.

In mid-2000 he founded Sourcepole together with Pirmin Kalberer. From 2002 on he’s been lecturing on system programming (pthreads, memory management, file systems), operating systems, data communications, high availability and firewalls, Ruby and Ruby on Rails at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and supervised student projects.

At Sourcepole, Tomáš Pospisek works as a system administrator, ensuring that client and company internal systems run safely and smoothly.

His detailed curriculum vitae can be found here.

Open Source Aktivitäten

  • Maintainer of the mailsync tool, technologies: C, C++, C-Client, IMAP, Unix
  • Debian developer and maintainer of own Debian software packages: mailsync, posixlock, screenie, udpcast, technologies: C, Debian package maintaining, Linux, make, Shell
  • Past Debian maintainer of: xxdiff, technologies: C, Debian package management, Linux, Make, Shell
  • Past maintainer and co-developer of karm, technologies: C++, KDE, Linux, Qt