QGIS Cloud

Publish your data from the desktop to the internet

Create professional maps with QGIS and easily publish them on qgiscloud.com. A plugin for QGIS Desktop allows you to upload data and publishing complete Map. At the press of a button, they are available for web browsers, mobile clients and as OGC WMS, WFS and WFS/T.

QGIS Cloud is your personal spatial data infrastructure (SDI) on the Internet or Intranet. Publish QGIS project as maps and data. Share geospatial information with others. And all this very easily, without the need for servers, infrastructure and expert knowledge. If you are familiar with QGIS desktop, then using QGIS cloud is straight forward. Just install the QGIS cloud plugin from the official QGIS plugin repository, create a QGIS Cloud account on qgiscloud.com and you are ready to go. Publish as many maps as you want.

QGIS Cloud web services

Locally created QGIS projects are available in identical appearance as web services.


The QGIS web client processes any WMS and exposes additional QGIS Server features such as quality printing to the browser.


An optimized viewer for mobile platforms, such as Android and iPhone devices, makes your maps available to the growing number of mobile users without any additional effort.


QGIS Server publishes your QGIS projects one-to-one as WMS. You can share and edit your data with other users on the internet via WFS at the press of a button. There is not an easier way to realize demanding OGC web services.